Friday, January 1, 2010

The Beginning,

I have been home brewing beer for a few months now and I getting more and more into it. I am starting this blog as way to keep track of the recipes that I use what I think of the results and maybe a way to bounce ideas off of others in the home brew community. I started my home brewing like most have these days, with a Mr. Beer kit. I found that I enjoyed the fresh natural taste of the beer so much that most store bought beers had lost there appeal to me ( Dogfish, Sierra Nevada, and a few other micro's being a big exception to this). Now I find myself fermenting my third 5 gallon batch of extract (my first lager), and thinking this is a hobby I am going to be keeping. With that in mind I better start keeping track of what I make, how I made it, and how I liked the results. So here goes nothing.... or everything :)

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